Facebook Timeline for New Accounts

Okay, I finally broke down and got a Facebook account. I have been catching heat from friends and family for about a year now. Get on Facebook! Why don’t you have a Facebook? I never wanted my business out there for the world to see. Not that I had anything to hide, it’s just that I loved having a level of privacy. It kinda freak me out that complete strangers could find out what you were doing last weekend or what you ate for breakfast. I know there are privacy settings to control all that, but it seemed a little to easy to find out these sort of things about people. That scared me most.

So once I got my new website up, I figured what the hay, I’ll give facebook a shot. So I open an account and get the timeline layout. My creative side says I’m not just gonna put a standard photo for my cover photo, I’m gonna do something cool. So I design this awesome cover photo, make it “public” so everyone can see it, and come to find out, no one can see my timeline layout, nor my cool cover photo. The world still sees the old Facebook layout for my profile! I thought the old layout was forever done away with! So I’m thinking it must not be public, I didn’t enable something, or didn’t install the right app to make my timeline public. I had no idea why my timeline wasn’t showing up.

After a week of research, I finally found out new Facebook accounts have to be active for 30 days before the world can see your timeline and cool cover photos. NOWHERE in Facebook’s help section does it state this. I found this out after new users like myself were complaining about my very issue. “Why can’t my friends see my timeline?” 30 days ladies and gents, 30 days.

4 Web-Building Sites You Should’ve Bookmarked

I spend a large portion of my day connected to the internet, and as a result I’ve amassed a large collection of websites and links pertaining to web development. Here’s 4 of my favorites:


Awesome website for inspiration. I visit here often before I start building a website. I build primarily in Joomla, so I can’t get too crazy as far as the look goes due to the CMS’ capabilities. This site shows a vast array of web designs, from clean minimalism to artistic grunge. It’s a good place to start if you are trying to decide on a “look”.


Once I have decided on a look for my site, I start thinking about the bells and whistles I want to incorporate. This site has absolutely everything you need to build an awesome Joomla website. From JavaScript slide shows, to the coolest menu modules, this site’s got it all.


Okay we all get stuck every now and then when we try to code something unfamiliar. Or it simply will not function in IE (happens to me all the time). This site is where I go for help. Developers like us encountering the same problems and sharing their solutions. A must-have!


This is another site I lean on when I get stuck. You can find everything here. From CSS to JavaScript. If I forgot a style that I haven’t used in forever, I come here. Example: should I use margin-top: 0px or position:relative; top:0px. This site is another must-have for developers.

I definitely have more sites that I frequent, but these are bread and butter for me.